How to Fuck Girls

Do You Want To Know How To Fuck Girls?

Of course you do. So watch the video below and click on the next step when ready:

I was so sure, so certain, that I was not going to live my life without at least trying to fuck some of the types of girls that i really wanted to, and i had to find a way to do that.

I was ‘well raised’, and very respectful of women.  The typical nice guy.  Women would say i was ‘lovely’, but in the same way that a cute baby or obedient dog was.  Not in a sexual way. Like this guy:

Learn How To Fuck Girls and Become a Man

I was on this journey of self-development for a reason –  i needed to become a man, not just around women but generally mature.  It’s not that i was immature, it’s just that i wasn’t projecting any strength. If you are looking to improve your lot with women, your probably the type of person who could do with a bit of strengthening up – in one area or another – be it physically, emotionally or mentally. In other words – improve your physique to feel more confident and be more attractive, get better at handling rejection so you can be more sexually active, or improve the quality of the things you say, do and convey when it comes to women. Commit now to master how to make any woman want to fuck you – you wont regret it!

Why it’s great to fuck girls!

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Relieve your biggest frustration today

I’ve lost count of the amount of girls i wished I’d fucked – the half chances i had to fuck a girl.. or at least try to kiss her.   Hours of dry humping and no close, because i was too ‘lovely’.  Maybe i was lovely and dry humping was as far as they all were prepared to go – but I’ll never know cos i never tried.

What is your biggest frustration in getting the girl you like?  If you pin point the problem, most of these limitations can be overcome.  For example, if you don’t know what to say, just have a 2 pre-planned openers and conversation starters.  Just by starting conversations with 10 women, one of them would be up for talking with you – game or no game – just playing the numbers!  If you’ve ever gone out and failed to get laid ask yourself this question: did you chat to 10 girls?  If you didn’t then the good news is you’re not bad with women per say, you’re just not trying hard enough 😀

Do me a favor, read all the blog posts here to learn what to say to a girl you like before jumping in at the deep end so you can fuck all the girls i never can!

How to Fuck A Girl

Knowing How to Fuck A Girl shouldn’t be difficult – so just learn from the videos already!

How to Fuck A Girl
How to Fuck A Girl

Dont you want to fuck women like the one in this vid?

OK, so for those that don’t know, I’d just like to say that I used to be really, really bad with women.  This is despite being surrounded by women my whole life.  Maybe that is what I was so bad with them?

I learned to respect them, i listened to older girls complaining about their men and found out what they said they wanted in a relationship.  They all told me how wonderful and lovely i was and how happy i would make someone once i was older.

This was all true, but for the entire time i was at school and college i hardly had ANY success with women by being ‘nice’.  The only sex I had had was with women that had chosen ME!  And as a shy and weak young man it was usually the less pretty and  more forward girls that would try it on with me!

Being young and horny of course i was torn between them and the fact that my friends would ridicule me, so i turned to getting drunk as an ‘excuse’ to get with them in front of my mates.  This is a really weak way to live life as a man and I don’t recommend you try it!

Much better to become a man and CHOOSE which girls you want to fuck.  Once you’re fucking girls easily tho it is easy to break their hearts so you move up to level 3 which is to only chase girls you really like.

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