Girls that want to fuck

Here is a list of all the girls that what to fuck that I could find:

Lisa, Jenny, Rachel, Monica…. only joking!

If only it was that easy to find girls that want to sleep with you… unfortunately, if you are reading this page then finding the right woman is probably such a big task that you don’t know where to start. Here is my complete guide on finding that special someone ASAP.

Finding the right girl.

Firstly, i should say that it’s better to find the right long term girl and stick with her for so many reasons – financial, emotional, health and especially becasue if you get witht he girl you really want, you will not want the next girl so much! If you settle with an ok girl then your head will always be turning and you weill never be satisfied. So going for the best girl you can is always the best advice, however, that is difficult, competitive and stressful if they are beutiful and you have low self esteem. It also takes a lot of time, rejection and failed relationships usually before the right one appears, so i understand the male need to get a girl tonight! Most people readint this page right now will be thinking along more immediate lines, such as how to meet local girls near me that want to fuck, so lets talk about that. Here’s a video guide:

Hookups near me type websites

There are loads of sites which promise you to ‘meet and fuck’ girls, ‘local sex tonight’ or ‘free bang buddies’ etc but they are almost all scams, or full of scammers, and even if they weren’t… well, i just feel that meeting that kind of woman might lead to more problems than solutions!

Finding Horny women

Once a month women will be on their period and will be affected by powerful hormones that can make them more promiscuous than would otherwise be. This is a great time to get with normal, healthy, attractive women who are down to fuck! Normal average dating websites too are a trove of single and available women, and some of them are looking for one night stands on occasion so here are my tips to show them that they should pick you (because lets face it, there are many more men than women looking for casual sex!)

Be fun to be around, chat to women like they are already your friend. Women are right to be scared of an unknown, bigger person stepping into their life so be sure to put them at ease.

Don’t be engaged in an existing relationship, have kids etc and just talk about that all the time – they don’t care.

If you are really looking for a girlfriend, then respect the fact theat they are no looking for a partner so if you do hookup and that’s all they want then don’t be needy or show her signs that you will be cos then she’ll not want to hang out with you.

Women can rarely be upfront in their langauge, and i actually find it a personaly turn off if they are, so expect your signal to advance to the next stage to be something like an invitation to hookup, hang out, watch tv, go for coffee, etc – not “come over now for sex”! lol

Don’t suggest sex too soon, warm her up to the idea with innuendo, teasing, playful banter.

Say more than ‘Hi’ = that’s dull

And my best rule for all dates – never say anything negative, at all! If you find you do accidentally, just come up with something positive as quickly as possible to balance it out. Make a joke out of it. It shows you are fun to be around, even when life is not prefect. No one wants to hang around with someone who makes their life worse!

This is backed up in the research, take a look at this below:

Women appear to take into account the anticipated pleasure they would derive from a casual encounter. What this means is that women are more likely to agree to a request for casual sex when they believe that their partner is sexually skilled and/or can bring them pleasure. In addition, women pay more attention to personal safety and potential danger (e.g., sexual victimization) when it comes to casual sex and are more likely to have casual sex in cases where they feel that their partner is “safe”.

Conley, T.D. (2011). Perceived proposer personality characteristics and gender differences in acceptance of casual sex offers. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 100, 309-329.

If you like the more scientific side, here is a good talk on psychology of finding girls to fuck:

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