How To Approach A Girl

We both know why you are here: I too visited a site like this once – specifically to learn how to approach a girl.  

And here’s a girl’s perspective:

And two girl’s perspective (funny)

Here is the video I saw first. Click on the video when ready 🙂

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3 Step Plan To Approach A Girl

1. As soon as you feel the need – just do it.  This prevents people from over-thinking a very simple scenario.

2. Have a few things ready to say so it’s easier to get the words out.  The ‘opinion opener’ is the best i know – you can legitimately ask people for nearest coffee shop they recommend, etc, although that’s a bit dull.  Ideally they should be interesting/provocative questions that get people talking.

3. Have a DHV routine ready to go straight in to once you’ve opened.  This gives them some entertainment and a reason for you to stick around a bit longer and for them to get to know you a little better 🙂

How To Approach Any Girl

I love the game.  It took me on a path of self-improvement that helped me grow in so many related areas. I started saying ‘yes’ to opportunities instead than the knee jerk thought of declining invitations that seemed a little dull or too much effort to attend.

I improved my public speaking, got some teaching experience and got some really positive feedback and tips that helped me introduce myself to others better. First impressions really do count – not just in pickup!

I could go on, but the fact is that we are born to fuck! Both men and women! You know how many times you think of sex, how long it takes for your mind to wander to lustful thoughts when given five minutes of free time ;). Women are not as on or off’ about sex, but when they are ‘on’ they are sooooo much more on than even we are, if you can imagine that!  Unlocking a woman’s potential to be turned on to you is a key concept in the ‘makeanygirlwanttofuck‘ philosophy. Let me explain:

The Inside scoop on approaching:

How To approach A Girl Video
Learn How To approach A Girl by watching the Video

Women get multiple, much longer lasting orgasms than we do as well experiencing a much deeper emotional connection in many cases. This, combined with an erogenous zone that has many more nerve endings over a much smaller area than for a man, means that sex for women can often be truly fantastic and as life-affirming an experience as it is for men – and then some –

You know that feeling when you have slept with a woman who you are really in to and you just feel alive; on top of the world, like that makes life worth living? Women can feel that even more strongly! And once you get that feeling, you really want it again! See Make Any Girl Want to Sleep With You. So the point I’m making here is that women want sex too – you don’t have to ‘make’ a girl want you, you simply need to be a man who can arrange it to happen for her!  (Watch the video at for more info on How To Approach A Girl).

I believe the number-one determining factor in pickup is logistics: If you were on the old desert island with… Megan Fox, even if she thought you were low status, out of shape, boring, the wrong age, etc, I’d say there was a very high chance that you 2 would get together during at least one of those lonely years!

The same in the field: If you put the effort in to managing the logistics of it, then sex is just the logical conclusion. Put it this way: most people can’t run a marathon. however, if you run as far as is comfortable, maybe just one mile at a slow pace, and then run 10% further each time you run, within 3 months you would be able to run a marathon. I know this to be true because I’ve applied this principle myself. By the time you show up on the day, all the hard work has been done, you’re just turning up for your glory lap – to enjoy and collect your reward.

To allow a woman to express herself sexually with you and to share a fantastic experience with her, you will need a seduction location where she will be most likely to share your desires. You can try inviting her round the back of the farmer’s field in the next town, but your chances of making her comfortable might be higher if you had a comfy hotel room around the corner.  Knowing how you envisage your approach developing helps you massively when thinking about How To Approach A Girl.  To learn more, visit the Home page or progress to the next article on how to start a conversation with a girl.

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