How To Get Girls To Like You

‘How To Get Girls To Like You’ is a big, broad question!  We can split it up to look at in from different perspectives:

How to get anyone to like you

  • 1. Smile – if you frown at people, people will frown back or be scared… they won’t like you! If when you speak with someone you are happy and smiling, then THEY will feel good – and people like spending time with people who they feel good around 🙂
  • 2.Talk about them and their interests.  Once you get someone talking, they will consider it a great conversation, and that you are great to talk with!
  • 3. Be popular with the crowd – If everyone else likes you, the next person will default to liking you as well.  Do stuff that is good for the group such as scoring a goal, telling funny jokes or bringing back candy from a foreign holiday for example.
  • 4. Get respect.  Do something that other people are impressed by.  Perhaps you earn some money, can do cool yo-yo tricks or are good at exams or get replies from celebs on Twitter lol.

How To Get Girls To Like You

If you are doing the above basics and want to get women interested in you romantically, then broadly, you just need to talk to her, have some fun/tease her a little bit/ initiate contact/stand/sit close to her and if she doesn’t move away then you can take it to the next level – ask for a phone number so you can forward her something funny / kiss /etc.

As an adult in a club, here is my total plan to Get Girls To Like You:

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How To Get Girls To Like You

1. Look good.

2. Feel Good.

3. Find a Strong Position: Back against the Bar

4. Opinion Opener

5. Disinterest to begin

6. DHV Routine

7. Kino Compliance Test

8. Mini-Isolate

9. Kiss Close

10. Get number for Day 2 🙂

So, that should get you started, but if you haven’t seen the Home page yet, i totally recommend that you check out the intro video there or, just go straight to the main video – just click this link back to the Home page and the ‘makeanygirlwantofuck’ video will pop out: Make Any Girl Want To Fuck. Have fun!

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