How To Impress A Girl

How To Impress A Girl is a question I have often asked myself! Luckily for you, the videos espoused in this blog give you a MASSIVE advantage compared   to me, or most of the young adults with whom you might be in competition.

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How to impress a girl in 3 steps

How To Impress A Girl Infographic
How To Impress A Girl

The trick to Impress a Girl is to tick all her boxes. So lets start with the basics, you’ve got these down, right?

1. Be presentable.  Not handsome buff demigod but clean nails, haircut and fresh breath. Not being presentable creates a barrier – not insurmountable, but a needless obstacle when learning how to fuck a girl.

2. Have a strong social standing.  You DON’T have to be the best in the world.  Just be the best in the room.  If you have no fame or power, that’s fine, just have some people around you (at least one wingman say) and be in a commanding position in the room, like with your back to the bar, relaxed and the focus of people’s attention.

3. It helps to have some stacked routines to go through in case you get tongue-tied to begin with when chatting to absolute honey’s…  Get some magic tricks, palm reading, provocative questions etc ready just in case.

The fact you approached will impress, and the fact you made her have a good time, laugh, be interesting etc impresses her because you didn’t do a douche move like everyone else and be vulgar, be drunk or act all stupid/weird around her.

Make some excuse to catch up later via text/IM/FB etc so you can share her that link/funny pic etc you were talking about. Done!  It is actually easier than you think to makeanygirlwanttofuck.  You just have to be prepared to fail. I once had a sales job and the boss told me that statistically, if i knock on 10 doors, I’ll get one sale. So all you have to do is be willing to get 9 no’s in a row. Every now you can feel happy to accept because you know it’s getting you closer to that yes. Of course, it only works if you make the most out of every opportunity, you cant cheat that easily! Enter your email and lets get started!

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