How To Make A Girl Love You

Ok… so I’ve been looking at this game stuff for a while now and I’ve got to say, it works.

If you EVER wanted one line of utter truth when it comes to love and dating, this is it: “To make a girl love you, give them mixed messages.” Meditate on that!

Can you think of a time that you were ever really in to or in love with a girl?  Was she giving you mixed messages? Was she holding your hand/kissing you/calling you/ giving you attention one day and then withdrawing it the next?  I bet you were well in to her!  It sounds like you might have got your heart broken too…

How to Make a Girl Love You
Learn the 3 weird questions everyone’s talking about!

I’m telling you now – this method works, but be responsible with it.  when you first start out with the Pandora’s Box material (see the links/pop-ups), you just want the power to make any girl fall in love with you, but trust me – as soon as you get the power you realize that now YOU are the heart-breaker!  And you may well know what a broken heart feels like!  So don’t be a heart breaker!  Only use this on girls that you feel for too, don’t waste your time or theirs if you don’t think there’s love – it’s that powerful by the way – you can now pick to only date the type women you think would be ‘keepers’!

I used to be in a long-term relationship with the best looking girl I’d ever managed to get…

How To Make A Girl Love You

We met at a bar, drunk, with me asking for change.  It wasn’t a romantic start and she was a right handful, but she was so pretty!  I just had to pursue it.  That lasted for a few years (my longest relly to date…) until i started reading about Game….

I came across The Game and thought ‘this can’t actually work… can it?!’  I loved the scientific approach behind it, and the core self-development aspect too.  (I mean, is there anything more motivating than the chance to make a girl love you that you always used to think was out of your league?)

When i heard the saying; “Attraction isn’t a choice”, my point of view shifted – from me being unable, unworthy, incapable of fulfilling the type of girl that I wanted to be with – to thinking: “Wow, if i just play the rules of the mating game properly, the girls i like will have NO CHOICE but to feel attraction towards me! ”

It’s like when you see a hot girl… even if she’s a bitch, you still want to tap that!  Same for girls – that’s why they go out with ‘assholes’ – it’s not because they’re assholes, it’s in spite of them being assholes, they STILL find them attractive, because they are displaying a few of the qualities that ‘The Game’ in general touches on that makes girls fall in love with a man.  Trust me, when i realized how much i need a girlfriend, it took me no time to start learning this stuff! I first started at

What is truly encouraging is that those few asshole bastards that were always able to pull women aren’t that good with women, cos they don’t know what it is they are doing right or wrong.  They used to say in marketing, you know that half of your marketing isn’t working… you just don’t know which half.  The same for those guys.  They’re not putting in the effort, experimenting, testing, refining, improving.  This is your chance to beat them with a little hard work.  Hmmm, hard work, well… work smarter and harder I say.  What a man lacks in talent he can compensate for with effort, and with a focused will you can have her thinking about when you’re not around.  Apparently this is the time when you fall in love with someone and this is how to make a girl love you.

The Internet allows marketers to monitor what marketing works and with cold-hearted statistics, make decisions on what to expand and what to cut back, what brings in conversions and what wastes time.  The ‘Make Any Girl’ method cuts down on so much time in the field, it’s something I think you’re going to really, deeply want to know.  More than know; understand.  Here’s the intro video to the whole ‘makeanygirlwanttofuck‘ phenomenon- enter your email and start living the life you deserve.

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