How To Start a Conversation With A Girl

How To Start a Conversation With A Girl?  Simple.  Go for the opinion opener!

Dont do it like this guy tho haha

or this one:

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Conversations will be a bit different in a bar full of 20 year old’s than a daytime pickup on a MILF, but here’s what I would do:

How To Start a Conversation With A Girl Bullet Points:

1. Ask for an opinion on something.   Any open question will do.  (Not asking for the time, that is a closed question!) So… “My friend and I were just talking and we need an opinion on this: my friend says he has a way better hairstyle than me.  I say, no way!  What do you think.  No pressure, haha”

2. Tease her gently about her response.  If she says your friend’s hair is best, then, “Oh you think he’s cute?” Nudge, wink etc.  If she playfully hits you back – perfect!

3. Move straight to a fun routine: “Hey, watch this” and make a coin disappear, guess her birthday, any parlor or magic trick will do pretty much.

4. Once she realizes that you are ADDING to her life, not taking away, she might ask for your name, or be ok with you asking hers etc. Don’t try anything forward or sexual until she does this and/or shows some interest in you .

5. Now you want to mini-isolate at least and let her get to know you very quickly by you telling her stories about your life – funny, exciting, interesting ones!  No death, divorce or poverty talk!

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You have now started a conversation with a girl and have progressed it to a point where you are getting to know each other.  Once you’ve told some stories about yourself so she can easily get a sense of who you are, now is the time to ease up a little bit and let her do more of the talking.  As she tells you stories about herself, they become reasons to justify you being attracted to her.  Even though you were probably attracted to her right off the bat, she is becoming more attracted to you as she gets to know you.  If she tells you she likes Transformers, and that makes you delighted, then you now have something in common and with each story you share, it becomes more legitimate that a relationship could blossom, so don’t express your overt desires until she has ‘earned’ them.  If she’s not forthcoming, tease her!

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