How To Talk To A Girl You Like

This is How To Talk To A Girl You Like!

First up, here’s some youtube advice on it:


How To Talk To A Girl You Like

It can be difficult to Talk To A Girl You Like , right?  It’s like, you character changes – in to a douche bag!  Either seeking attention or withdrawing in to shyness and meekness, messing up your words and what you are trying to say!

Well, the thing to do is know what it is you are going to talk about in advance!  Not every word of course, but a few talking points to get the ball rolling;   it’s like having que cards when doing a presentation.  No one want’s to watch someone reading off a sheet, but a few bullet points to keep you on track makes you look structured, natural and enjoyable to listen to.

You should definitely take a look on our other similar posts around this topic for ideas on conversation starters as well as the mindset to have while conversing with ladies. Just start here, you don’t need to worry about how to fuck a girl just yet!

How to talk to a girl you like pdf
Learn How to talk to the girl you really like

Things To Talk About With A Girl:

  • 1. Opinions

What do think of the latest celebrity gossip? Try and keep it light hearted!

  • 2. Emotions

How do they feel about something that just happened in the news? Maybe some local crime happened or was thwarted. Emoting a range of emotions in her is good, but make sure she walks away thinking that was fun or interesting , not negative and depressing!

  • 3. Gossip

Talk about local people’s news. Be sure to only say positive things though otherwise you can get a bad reputation!

  • 4. Feelings

By being excited you can pass that on to her. By sharing a sad story about your dog, she may share your feelings about that too. Get her to feel and end with it on a positive. A friend told me once that ‘life is a feeling’ – especially for women!

  • 5. Sex/Relationships etc

“If everyone was having lots more sex, the world would be a safer, happier place. the govt should be trying to encourage everyone to be having lots of sex – imagine if Hitler got a bit more!”

Hopefully now you have some Things To Talk About With A Girl! Be sure to make it a conversation, and if you can have multiple threads running at the same time it will make you both feel like you have a LOT to talk about! 😀 Click Home for more info or here to watch the videos.

If you are serious about getting this area of your life down, i would also recommended reading and watching everything you can BUT crucially not entering ‘analysis paralysis’ where you don’t take action in the one or two areas that would have the most impact, and instead skirt around the tough bits and just read study online FOREVER.

I’d say, watch the videos linked to from this site and then get out there in the real world.  Only come back to coaching then once you hit stumbling blocks and need to learn about the next stage of your game in your quest to make any girl want to fuck/sleep with you.  Watch the videos that makeanygirlwanttofuck on the Home page now and then sign up and take the plunge! You won’t regret it lol.

And some real advice from a legend!

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