Pandora’s Box System by Vin Di Carlo.

What Do You Say To A Girl That You Like?  

…Well, that depends on what type of girl you are speaking to! – and the situation you are in, and the result you want to get… ugh – so not as straight forward as you were thinking huh… well, the good news is, while this might all seem as clear as mud to you right now, it will all become so clear it will look like child’s-play – once you know what to look for!

To the untrained eye,you might not be able to spot the difference between a real diamond or a fake, or the difference between a normal bottle of wine and a good one, or a painting that I did and one by Van Gogh worth millions of dollars! BUT – If someone just shows you what to look for, it becomes as easy to spot a fake as it is to know what to say to women. The Pandora’s Box System is Vin Di Carlo’s way of explaining to you what to look for when you are meeting women.  You can instantly spot the tell tale signs that jump out at you as you interact, and then after doing it a few times it becomes second nature and you can’t remmeber what it was like NOT to know this stuff! It just becomes common sense, that’s how beautficul this knowledge is.  Eventually, you ‘see the matrix’ and begin to understand why she does the things she does, and how different people react differently to all things in life, are looking for different things, and how you can be what they are looking for.  At least, you can tailor your initial impression to be more in line with them, and then once you grow the relationship over time and they become more invested in you, the other parts of your personality are accommodated by her, whereas they may have been dismissed if you led with them in a crowded bar on a Friday night…

The Pandoras Box System in an Analogy:

It’s a bit like interviewing for a job in that regard i guess, you want to put your best foot forward, no one wants to completely mislead the employer otherwise it’s not going to be a good fit in the long run and a waste of everyone’s time.  Incidentally and ironically, after learning the Pandora system, dating becomes LESS like turning up to a job interview. It can make you comfortable to turn the tables on the date and get them chasing your validation, sure, and also, it can just allow the situation to breathe and develop naturally – a fun time for all – no hassle, no stress, just beautiful, sexy, romantic, flirtatious thoughts and feelings.  What emotions! Honestly, the best thing about Vin’s System for me was that feeling you get when you leave from a date with a hot chick that is out of your league (maybe in the morning after) and you walk ten feet tall… like you loving life! Living life, and loving it all.  I think you should aim for that in life, even if it is not from the Pandora system, but from anything. When you really like a girl, it is easy to mess it up by not being yourself.  Acting cool in the presence of the one you really like is almost impossible.  That is the point!  If there was no trepidation then there would be no buzz in getting with her.  This is life and the most important lesson is to learn to EMBRACE that feeling!  When other’s cower in the presence of that energy, that feeling, you are ENERGIZED by that feeling!  As soon as you feel it, embrace it!

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Do not date this man lol

It’s been said that feeling nervous and excited elicits exactly the same physiological response.  This means that your body reacts the same way in either case, it is only your mind that perceives one as bad and one as good… usually!  The trick here of course is that every time you feel nervous, just re-frame that feeling in your head – say to yourself, this is exciting!  This will help you overcome the Meta-problem all men experience when speaking with a hot girl. Some try not to deal with it and forget about it by getting drunk, but unless the other person is as drunk as you, you look TERRIBLE lol. Ever not been drunk around drunk people?  Yeah… also, it clouds your ability to improve by making you lazy and reliant on it rather than improving where you need to. Once you embrace the energy, you may find that all the words come naturally.  If they don’t however, have a few backup bullet points to rely on so you always know What To Say To A Girl That You Like. You can find them on the Things to Talk About With a Girl page. This is something that is covered in the ‘makeanygirlwanttofuck’ emails and videos – watch the ‘Makeanygirlwanttofuck’ video on the Home Page  and sign up there if you haven’t already. No spam, now worries, it’s all good and confidential.

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